• An Energy Performance Certificate is required before a property can be marketed for rent.

  • General condition
    Electric, gas waste, plumbing, central heating and hot water systems must be in good working order.  Repairs and maintenance due to normal wear and tear are at the Landlords expense.

  • Appliance
    All household appliances must be in good working order and regularly tested by appropriate qualified tradesmen. Repairs and maintenace due to normal wear and tear are at the landlords expense.

  • Decorations
    Interior decorations must be in good condition - ideally in plain light colours which are Easy to maintain.

  • Furnishings
    For furnished lettings good quality furniture, furnishing and equipment is recommended with cleaning instructions for any special furnishings.  For unfurnished lettings the property should contain carpets, curtains and a cooker.

  • Gardens
    Tenants are required to maintain the gardens to a reasonable standard and therefore all necessary tools must be provided by the Landlord. The garden should be neat and in good order at the outset of the tenancy.

  • Personal items and ornaments
    Personal possessions, ornaments, pictures books etc should be removed particularly where they are of a sentimental value.  Some items may be boxed and left in the loft at the owners risk.  All cupboards and shelf space should be left clean for tenants own use.

  • Cleaning
    At the commencement of a tenancy the property must be thoroughly cleaned and at the end of tenancy it will be the tenants responsibility to leave the property in a similar condition.

  • Mail forwarding
    It is not the tenants responsibility to forward any mail addressed to the landlord and you should make use of the Post Office redirection service.

  • Keys
    You should provide one set of keys for each adult tenant and one set for PLM - to be retained in their Office. Keys to window locks should also be left in the property with a set left with PLM

  • Security Alarms
    Where fitted, are to be demonstrated and explained.

  • Information for the tenant
    It is helpful if you leave information for the tenant on operating such items as the central heating system, washing machine, alarm system together with details of refuge collection dates including copies of all instruction manuals.


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